One to One Care & Nursing Care

One to One Care & Nursing Care


As we age, we may require additional support and care to maintain our health and wellbeing. For some elderly individuals, this may mean the need for 1:1 care and nursing care. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these services and explore how they can benefit elderly individuals.

What is One to One care?

One to one care is a service that provides individualized attention to elderly individuals who require additional support with their daily living activities. This type of care is typically provided by a trained caregiver who works with the patient one-on-one to ensure their needs are met. one to one care is a great option for elderly individuals who require extra support and monitoring by a designated healthcare assistant. This service can be delivered within YYNH as an addition to another service.

What is Nursing care?

Nursing care, on the other hand, is a long-term care service provided by trained and licensed nurses. Nursing care involves monitoring and addressing the medical needs of patients, such as medication management, wound care, and physical therapy. Nursing care is usually provided to individuals who require continuous medical care and supervision due to chronic health conditions.

One to One Care & Nursing Care

One to one care and nursing care offer numerous benefits to elderly individuals and their families. Some of these benefits include:

Personalized Attention

One to one care and nursing care provide personalized attention to each patient. This means that patients receive care that is tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that their health and wellbeing are prioritized.

Professional Care

One to one care and nursing care are provided by trained and licensed professionals who have experience in caring for elderly individuals. This ensures that patients receive high-quality care that meets their specific needs.

Improved Quality of Life

This service is tailored to significantly improve the quality of life by offering the appropriate care and support service users need to maintain their independence and continue to engage in the activities they enjoy.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that loved ones are receiving high-quality and person centered care at YYNH can be comforting for the families of service users and it also eases the ‘guilt feeling’ of being unable to provide care to loved ones by themselves

Reduced Risk of Hospitalization

With proper care and supervision, elderly individuals are less likely to experience complications or medical emergencies that may require hospitalization. This service also soothes those who have dementia, Parkinson’s disease, those with high risk for falls or even those with anxiety, as extra care and attention is given, thereby reducing frequent hospitalization

Customized Care Plan

One to one  care and nursing care involve creating a customized care plan that addresses the specific needs and preferences of each patient. This ensures that patients receive the care and attention they need to maintain their health and wellbeing.



One to one care and nursing care are essential services that provide elderly individuals with personalized attention and care that meets their unique needs. These services offer numerous benefits, including personalized attention, professional care, improved quality of life,
peace of mind, reduced risk of hospitalization, and customized care plans. If you or a loved one requires support and care, one to one care and nursing care may be the right option for you.

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